Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Catching up....

Ok, it's been a while, but I have been kicking around a couple of things that I wanted to share...

First of all, some good wines that I recommend. No time to do reviews right now, so I'll just get the info out there:

Can Blau; 2006; Montsant, Spain. Made with Mazuelo, Syrah and Garnacha. Highly recommended. You should be able to pick this up in a store for $10-$12. Imported by Tempranillo, Inc., New Rochelle, NY. Great looking label, too.

Augusta Norton Reserva del Patron, 2003, Augusta, MO. An excellent dry Missouri red wine. This one is only available from the winery. They have a Norton Cynthiana that is available out and about. The website is augustawinery.com.

Sebastiani Casa de Sonoma Unoaked Chardonnay, 2006, Sonoma, CA. Nice, easy drinking chard without all the splinters!

St. Supery Virtu, 2006, Napa Valley White Wine Meritage, Napa, CA. Meritage (think 'heritage') is a Bordeaux blend from the US. They really can't call it Bordeaux, so they decided to call it meritage. Seek this one out.

Tir Na N'og, Old Vines Grenache, McLaren Vale, Australia, 2006. Gaelic for "Land of the Youth" this wine reflects the Irish heritage of winemaker John Larchet. Not your typical Australian fruit bomb, this wine has nice complexity. It is allocated, so it may become hard to find.

Lockwood Merlot, 2005, Monterey County, CA. Tasted this merlot at a wine shop tasting the other day. It's about $18. Nice, easy merlot worth checking out.

The other thing I am looking at is a wine tasting idea. I'm sure it's been done before and it's nothing new, however, there are some details I'm going to throw out to get feedback on. Post a comment or email me at simplyfondue@gmail.com any thoughts or ideas you may have.

The idea for tasting is a byob blind tasting. The invitation should be a brown bag suitable for 'bagging' a bottle of wine. Somehow, with the invitation comes an 'assignment' for the type/varietal/price of wine that person should bring in the bag to the tasting. It should specify all of the rules of blind tasting (have the cap removed and the bottle should be wrapped securely in the bag up to the top of the neck of the bottle to avoid any possiblity of identifying the wine prior to tasting). Then, everyone gets a tasting sheet with the type of wines assigned on one side the right side of the sheet and tasting notes 'boxes' on the left side. After everyone tastes, they draw a line from the notes they took on the left to the wine they think it is on the opposite side. It's like the matching quiz we used to take in elementary school (See! We do use that in the real world!). Then the wines are revealed. The person with the highest matching score would get reimbursed by the other guests for the wine they brought.

So that is the gist of my wine tasting party. My questions are:

1. Would you rather have a description of a wine to bring or have a specific wine that you are assigned?


2. Any ideas for themes? What about descriptions of wines to bring? Any other thoughts?

Let me know!



For in the hand of the Lord there is a cup, and the wine is red.

--Psalms 75:8

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