Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Power Players from Down Under

We had some regulars in for dinner tonight, so I cracked open a couple of nice bottles for them to try. Of course, I had to taste them myself as well, and I thought, "I should post these on the wine blog!" So here we are. My 'Assistant Wine Tasters' tonight are Sarah (bartender/server-aka "The Better Sarah"...), Crystal (server/bartender-look for her coming to a baseball stadium near you this summer!), and Adam (King of the Kitchen). So here we go:

Tir Na N'og is Gaelic for "Land of the Youth". You could describe this wine as the United Nations of Wine--It is an Australian wine made by an Irish wine maker, in a traditional European style.

Inky, plum-ish red. Fruity nose. Nice balance. Peppery on the end of a long finish. This was the favorite of Crystal and Sarah. Adam felt it was good but a little generic. This was after Crystal finally stopped whining and got a glass to taste with... How long has she worked here?

Rating: Love it!!!

2004 Rosemount Show Reserve GSM (Grenache, Shiraz, Mourvedre)
Rosemount is a large Australian producer that typically does a nice job across the board on their wines. One of my top wine values of all time is their Diamond Label Shiraz. It's hard to beat for the money and has appeal across the board. Anyway, back to the GSM...

Nice deep red color (dark red brick). Picking up a little cinnamon on the nose. Very nice...maybe a bit more complex than the Tir Na N'og. A little more 'green' or tart, but very well balanced. Again has some spice on the end that builds as the rest of the flavors fade away fairly quickly. Sarah says that it pairs well with the Six-Pepper Beef we serve and Adam enjoyed it with the Roasted Garlic Chicken (both were cooked on our new Scandinavian grills-check out the myspace page for more details) Adam commented on the clean finish. Crystal liked it (after she stopped whining about not having a glass...).

Rating: Love It!!!

If you get a chance to come in to Simply Fondue, ask about our new Scandinavian Grill cooking style. It's a little heathier and very flavorful!

Programing note: I have found what I believe may be one of the coolest video blogs on the web. It's called Wine Library TV. Hosted by a guy named Gary Vaynerchuk, it is a straightforward approach to wine tasting. He does 5 shows per week and there is a link on the right side of this blog. He has been on Conan O'Brien, Ellen, and Nightline. This dude has a palette like you wouldn't believe. Check him out if you get the chance!

"Wine improves with age. The older I get, the better I like it."



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