Thursday, March 13, 2008

OK, now this is different...

I love finding new wines that are unique, almost esoteric. That would be today's case. One of my vendors brought me a wine today that I had neither seen nor heard of. The wine is made by Zonte's Footstep, a winery in Australia, located just southeast of Adelaide in Southern Australia. This is Australia's oldest wine growing region, and was long an area known for currants. Anyway, this Langhorne Creek concoction is a blend of Shiraz/Viognier. I honestly don't remember if it was a 2006 or 2007. I don't have the botle any longer. So...Shiraz=Red Wine, Viognier=White Wine. How do you think this is going to work out? They ferment the varietals separately, so the Viognier finishes first. Then they take the skins of the Viognier and toss them onto the Shiraz that is still working. The result really comes out in the nose and the taste of the wine.

Ruby Red in color. If you were blindfolded and smelled the wine, you would swear that it was a white wine. The nose is so powerful that direction. Very fruity on the front end-big fruit. Then, as if someone flipped a switch and the Shiraz says, "Don't mess around with this white wine! I'm coming through!" Then you get the peppery shiraz finish. It really rips fruit on the front then backs off, but not all the way, and actually comes through with a long, pleasant finish.

Rating: Love It (probably because it is so unique...and I'm into that.)

"Sparkling Muscatel. One of the finest wines of Idaho."
Waiter in The Muppet Movie(1979)



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