Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Another Cab

The next wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon from Solaire by Robert Mondavi (note: Robert Mondavi sold the Robert Mondavi Winery to Constellation Brands. He is involved in a new venture with Tim and Marcia Mondavi called 'Continuum'.) From the 2005 Vintage, this is the first new brand added by Mondavi in 15 years. I have tasted the Cab and the Chardonnay, and I like what I see (taste). The Cab is from Paso Robles, California.

Rich, deep red color. Not overpowering on the nose. Very well balanced for a young cab. I don't normally tell you what I taste in the wine unless it is really prevalent or unusual. Deep down in the flavors of this wine I am actually picking up almost a tar nuance. As bad as that sounds, I mean it in a good way. I would call it pleasantly unusual! Lot's of fruit on the finish.

Rating: Love it!
If you get a chance, check this one out!

As I always say, "'s not just for breakfast anymore!"


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